A story of hope

V and G decided to keep their baby right towards the very end of 2015 40 Days for Life vigil. This beautiful couple thankfully came over when I gave the beckoning hand signal. We had a shortish chat. They said that they were overseas students and were experiencing financial and visa problems. I was able to tell them about a single mum, also a student from the same country, who we had helped years ago with student fees and a great deal more. It’s great how we can share these success stories to give courage to abortion-minded parents. They had also said the doctor had said there was a problem with the pregnancy and I was again, able to tell them how another client of ours was misdiagnosed as a hopeless case and that now she was an amazing 7 year old. I was just about to show them a photo of her on my phone when they decided to go in to keep their appointment.

Anyway we kept praying, and I think maybe 30-45 minutes later they came out and told us they had decided to keep the baby. He said that they had called their parents while they were in there and that helped them to make the decision. The dad had tears rolling down his cheeks. What a man. He said that in real truth actually it was not the problem with the baby nor with the money but that ‘the problem lies with us- we are the ones making the problem’. Wow. He then tried to give me a $50 note to give to the cause. I said ‘no! you need it for your baby’ but he insisted, saying, ‘no you are doing good work here, please, pass it on’, so I humbly took it. Wow.

We called PA to make an appointment but hung up because they said, ‘no, we will be fine, we will manage for now, but if we need help, we can call’. We had given some brochures to them with numbers on it. They also said that they had no problems getting their money back from the abortionist.