Please hold on. There is hope for you and your baby.

Thank you for checking us out.

It appears you’re in a difficult situation and you’ve probably already asked yourself some really tough questions.

It’s not too late to ask yourself just a few more.

Have I really exhausted every other possibility?

Could there be solutions I haven’t thought of yet, or people who could help me that I haven’t met yet?

If you think this could be true, please wait.

Am I being true to myself- my beliefs, morals and values- or am I going against my heart?

Am I worrying more about what other people say or think than what I know is right?

Is this really my choice, or just what I think I have to do?

If this is what’s going on, please pause.

They said I can’t give my baby a good life. They said this will ruin everything.

Why doesn’t anyone believe in me?

Would I choose differently if someone believed in me?

If that’s what you are hearing, please hold on.

They said this choice is quick, easy, safe– that it will be over with and then I’ll get over it and I’ll move on.

Do I really believe them?

If you have unanswered questions or concerns, please stop, and think.

That choice will still be here tomorrow, or the next day.

Your other choices- to get more information, to see what happens next, to take a little more time to think clearly, to prove them wrong, to find help, to find truth, to find peace- will be gone if you go ahead with your appointment today.

Please hold on.

Today, you can choose to wait. You can choose to just breathe, and cry if you need to, and think some more.

You deserve better than this. We really believe that and we hope you believe us. We don’t judge, ever. We just offer understanding and help for whatever you’re going through.

Please don’t let go of hope, especially today. Regret is a long, lonely, one-way street, and there are other paths you can choose.

You can come talk to us, or call a friend, or you can just tell whoever you’re with that you’re not ready to do this today, and leave. You can look at the links on this page and discover that there’s so much help out there, for you, right now.

Please choose to wait.